Member Notices: Photos from the Come & Sing Workshop - you enjoyed it!

      SOME 2018 DATES

EASTER CONCERT:  Please note the original date has had to be changed and it is now Saturday 14th April 2018, after Easter.  Malcolm has hired the Chilcott.  We will also be hiring Handel's "O Come Let Us Sing" which is the additional piece for the concert.  If you have a copy of European Sacred Music you will have the Monteverdi 'Beatus Vir'.  These three pieces make up the programme.

SUMMER CONCERT:  We will put on a short programme of music at another venue.  Date and venue to be announced.

NOVEMBER CONCERT:  In order to mark the anniversary of the end of the Great War, we will be putting on a concert at the beginning of November.  Please check your diaries for Saturday 3 November. 

CHRISTMAS CONCERT:  Sing All Ye Citizens - a concert of carols and Christmas music at 7pm Saturday 8th December 2018 

JANUARY 27th 2018 COME & SING:  Flyers will be ready at the beginning of January so please publicise widely.  We are very fortunate to have both Malcolm, and Sue Hollingworth for the day.

Your Committee has a slight change as follows:

Chair: Sue Embrey

Treasurer: Karen Ennis

Secretary: Sharon Smith

Lucy Potter, Sally Willmott, Mervyn Jones and Malcolm Macleod, Music Director

Please note that Catherine Salthouse has resigned from Committee due to family commitments.

AUTUMN BRING & BUY - thanks to everyone who contributed to this event.  Almost £80 was raised for the Society.  

AN EVENING CHORUS!  Thanks to everyone who sang at this lovely summer performance and to those who helped.


Gill, Karen and Katy in the cool porch! Keep smiling through ..........


Malcolm, Jenny, Rick and Pauline - welcome drinks Kathryn and Vera providing duo delights!

Thanks to Pauline, Jenny and Sue from the Concert Committee.


SATURDAY 10TH JUNE COMMUNITY DAY LEDBURY - thanks to Catherine and Jenny who handed leaflets out on this busy day.