Malcolm Macleod
was born in Scotland and grew up in Middlesex, where he learnt first the piano and then the organ.  He often plays as an accompanist on piano, organ or harpsichord.

He started his singing life at school, and since then has sung in many choirs, large and small, appearing in recordings with the Cambridge University Musical Society and Cambridge Chorale, amongst others.  Until 2002 he lived in Cambridge, working on the Science Park and then in the University, where he was an academic and Fellow of Queens’ College.

Malcolm has been conducting since 1984, when he formed a choir in Cambridge.  He has conducted several other choirs and has also run a number of choral workshops.  For some time he acted as chorus master of the Cambridge Philharmonic Society.  He was also organist and choirmaster at the  church of St. John the Evangelist in Cambridge from 1995.  He is now Chairman of the very successful Elgar Chorale which is based in Malvern.  He sings with the talented Sine Nomine choir who perform across the UK.  

He now lives and works in Malvern, and is also a visiting professor at the University of Strathclyde.  He was appointed music director of the Ledbury Choral Society in 2005.